Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Mozart Festival 1972

 Johann Friedrich Reichart - Te Deum
Mozart Festival 1972
PSO 8125 (no label name)
Pueblo, Colorado
Side One:
Overture and "Te Deum Landamus"
Terzetto: "Te ergo quaesummus"
"Salvum Fac Populum Tuum"

Side Two:
"Dignare Domine"
In te Domine speravi"
March from The Magic Flute
Chorale and Fuge

Performed on January 23, 1972, Memorial Hall, Pueblo.

Listen to a sample of "Te ergo quaesumus"
Lori Von Gundy - soprano
Charlene Vecchio - mezzo soprano
Kathie Marcum - alto
John Pinner - tenor
Jerry Matthew - bass

Gerhard Track and Sid Rosen - conductors

The festival, which was started in Pueblo in 1971 by former Pueblo Symphony director Gerhard Track, returned the following year with a performance of "Te Deum," by Johann Friedrich Reichart (1752-1814).

The concert featured a 300 voice choir, made up of high school students from Crowley (Ordway), Fountain, Lamar, Las Animas, Lake County (Leadville), La Junta and Rye.  The Pueblo Youth Symphony accompanied the performance.

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  1. I must have played in that orchestra. I paid for the (very small, by modern standards) tuition at SCSC by playing in the Pueblo Symphony. They gave me a whopping $200 per semester.