Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Five years ago this month....

It all started with this record.

I was an avid record collector, who had a fascination with vinyl originating from the Southern Colorado region, and specifically my hometown, Pueblo. I certainly didn’t need another genre to collect, but something drew me to the homemade, heartfelt recordings made by those singers who never became national stars, never earned gold records, and were so obscure they didn’t warrant a mention on an Internet search engine.

The Pueblo City Limits blog has been more than an archival project for me. For the past five years it has been a labor of pure love – love for my hometown and the region. I hope, by telling the stories of these unsung performers, and hearing their music, readers collect not only a sense of pride for the area, but garner an appreciation for the pure heart and soul of these recordings.

If you haven’t searched through the five years of stories, I encourage you to dive into the pages of this blog (the story about the record above can be found here). There are still many more stories to tell, and I can’t wait to share them all with you. Thank you for your readership and support these past five years.

Special thanks to Joel Scherzer, who five years ago helped me get the turntable spinning with this project.   --Lisa