Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Pueblo music - in posters (PART TWO)

The Great Pueblo Music Poster Find continues! Today, I give you posters from two of the city's most popular nightclubs - The Krazy Kat and the Hi-Fi:

 Concert poster for Sunny & The Sunliners, performing at the Hi-Fi Club, Nov. 10-11, 1964
("For the first time in Pueblo, Colorado")

Concert poster for The Sir Douglas Quintet, appearing at the Hi-Fi Club, Friday, July 14, 1967. He was apparently so popular, he appeared two days later, at the Krazy Kat (below).

Concert poster for The Blue Things, appearing at the Hi-Fi Club Wed. June 30, 1965. The Blue Things were a psych band, based out of Hays, Kansas. They were active from 1964-1968. Recorded for Ruff Records, in Amarillo, and RCA.

 Promotional poster for December's Children and the OD's, appearing at the Krazy Kat (no year). Note the poster is soliciting new names for the club. December's Children were out of Cleveland. No clue on the ODs. Can't find a thing on them. Was told they might be a psych group out of the midwest.


Concert poster for the Charming Checkmates (no year), at the Krazy Kat. I'm wondering if this is the same group, which recorded under the Checkmates - if only for the Ruff Records mention at the top. Maybe someone can help solve the mystery. 


  1. This group headed up by Ray Ruff (Ray Puffin) was out of Texas and recorded often at the Norman Petty Studio in Clovis up until 1963 - Hey Girl/All The Time Now were recorded elsewhere in 1965 - Ruff was tagged by Petty to 'take the place' of Buddy Holly after his death - shoes which simply could not be filled - The Checkmates were Chuck Tharp on lead guitar and vocals, Larry Marchan, rhythm guitar. Jerry Hodges-bass, Chico Apadocca- drums

    Ruff is credited with being the pioneer of aggressively marketing his band via local radio stations with ads and promo spots - posters etc.

  2. Correction: Ray 'Ruffin' correct last name and earliest members of Checkmates were Charles McClure - lead guitar, Chuck Tharp - guitar, Bobby Hacker - drums, and Tom Beck - bass.